All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Mark Alban Lotz
The Wroclaw Sessions (Audio Cave)

Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain
For The Kick Of It (Between the Lines)

Thom Yorke
ANIMA (XL Recordings)

Hans Koch / Jacques Demierre
Incunabulum (Herbal Records)

Gabriel Ferrandini
Volúpias (Clean Feed Records)

John Luther Adams
Become Desert (Cantaloupe Music)

Lisbon Freedom Unit
Praise Of Our Folly (Clean Feed Records)

Jose Dias
After Silence, Vol. 1 (Clean Feed Records)

Sun Ra And His Astro Infinity Arkestra
Pathways To Unknown Worlds (Modern Harmonic)

Ilia Belorukov, Gabriel Ferrandini
Disquiet (Clean Feed Records)