Ben Frost Interviewed about Dark Soundtrack

Source: The Quietus.

Dark has been touted by many as ‘Germany’s answer to Stranger Things. This is deeply incorrect. There are a few shared themes – it is (partly) set in the 1980s, and its narrative includes missing children – but that is where the similarities end.

Where Stranger Things is kitsch and retro, Dark is a tightly wound masterpiece of writing that uses time travel as part of a far deeper vision. The way horror and dread unfurl at first in the every day, dragging the viewer further and further out into the realms of genuinely mind-bending theoretical physics.

Part of the reason the series is so effective in its handling of a narrative that could very easily collapse under its own weight, is its score by Ben Frost. His motifs add terror when there should be none, subvert expectation and add one of the most crucial layers . He’s eschewed the easy route of revivalism in favour of something more forward-thinking and immersive.