Anthony Pateras News

Source: Anthony Pateras.

25,26,27/7: DE — Berlin: Martin Gropius Bau (daily piano solos at the Garden Of Earthly Delights with LABOUR)

17/8: PL — Sokolowsko: Music Sanae Festival (Pseudacusis V2)

31/8: CH — Willisau: Jazz Festival Willisau (Pateras/Baxter/Brown)

12/9: CH — Lausanne: Le Bourg (mystery collab)

27/9: PL — Krakow: Sacrum Profanum Festival (Pseudacusis V3)

8/10: PL — Krakow: Unsound Festival (solo electronics)


I have 2 new LPs out too….

1. Albédo with eRikM comes courtesy of Vand’Oeuvre, France.
We’ll be touring Australia & NZ in October! Stay tuned…

2. A new Astral Colonels LP, my project with Italian artist Valerio Tricoli.
Entitled The Similarity of Difference, it’s out now on Second Sleep.