The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: June 2019 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

It’s unreal how much great new jazz is hitting the shelves in 2019. I could fill every slot on Bandcamp Daily with something new and exciting, and there would still be recordings that wouldn’t get their share of the spotlight. So, two takeaways here: One, don’t skip a single release in this column, and two, it’s time for a jazz-only Bandcamp Daily spinoff.

Anthony Pateras News

Source: Anthony Pateras.

25,26,27/7: DE — Berlin: Martin Gropius Bau (daily piano solos at the Garden Of Earthly Delights with LABOUR)

17/8: PL — Sokolowsko: Music Sanae Festival (Pseudacusis V2)

31/8: CH — Willisau: Jazz Festival Willisau (Pateras/Baxter/Brown)

12/9: CH — Lausanne: Le Bourg (mystery collab)

27/9: PL — Krakow: Sacrum Profanum Festival (Pseudacusis V3)

8/10: PL — Krakow: Unsound Festival (solo electronics)


I have 2 new LPs out too….

1. Albédo with eRikM comes courtesy of Vand’Oeuvre, France.
We’ll be touring Australia & NZ in October! Stay tuned…

2. A new Astral Colonels LP, my project with Italian artist Valerio Tricoli.
Entitled The Similarity of Difference, it’s out now on Second Sleep.

Avant Scena Reviews

Source: Avant Scena.

Babin, Loewen, Plimley – “Artful Dodgers” (Waterlou Records, 2019)

Rachel Musson, Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders – “Shifa – Live at Cafe Oto by Rachel Musson, Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders” (577 Records, 2019)

Miman – “Stora mängder rymdgrus” (Motvind Records, 2019)

Rudi Mahall, Olaf Rupp, Kasper Tom – “Rudi Mahall Olaf Rupp Kasper Tom” (Barefoot Records, 2019)

Rodrigo Amado & Chris Corsano – “No Place to Fall” (Astral Spirits, 2019)

Hans Koch | Jacques Demierre – “Incunabulum Herbal Concrete Disc 1901” (Herbal Records, 2019)

Bjørn Marius Hegge ‎– “Ideas For Axel Dörner Rudi Mahall Hans Hulbækmo And Håvard Wiik” (Particular Recordings, 2019)

Jazz’s Sisterhood: Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, Others Reshape Jazz

Source: Vanity Fair.

Half a century ago, the acclaimed music critic George T. Simon said everything you need to know about sexism in jazz: “Only God can make a tree, and only men can play good jazz.” This gender bias has deep roots. Jazz has always been a boys’ club, a macho art form reserved for brash, fast-fingered men living on the road, in cramped quarters, hustling from gig to gig. And despite playing a pioneering role in integration and the civil rights movement, jazz has had an abysmal record on gender.

Oren Ambrachi’s Interviewed about 10 Years of his Black Truffle Label

Source: The Wire.

Sydney born guitarist and drummer Oren Ambarchi marked his 50th birthday and the tenth anniversary of his Black Truffle imprint this year with a weekend-long residency at London’s Cafe Oto, featuring performances by close collaborators and label affiliates such as Eiko Ishibashi, Alvin Curran and David Toop, among others. The tracks in this playlist serve as a companion to a celebratory Black Truffle compilation released by Kompakt on 10 May. As well as being the subject of The Wire 426 cover feature by The Dead C’s Bruce Russell, Ambarchi answered some questions about this particular project via email.

Ben Frost Interviewed about Dark Soundtrack

Source: The Quietus.

Dark has been touted by many as ‘Germany’s answer to Stranger Things. This is deeply incorrect. There are a few shared themes – it is (partly) set in the 1980s, and its narrative includes missing children – but that is where the similarities end.

Where Stranger Things is kitsch and retro, Dark is a tightly wound masterpiece of writing that uses time travel as part of a far deeper vision. The way horror and dread unfurl at first in the every day, dragging the viewer further and further out into the realms of genuinely mind-bending theoretical physics.

Part of the reason the series is so effective in its handling of a narrative that could very easily collapse under its own weight, is its score by Ben Frost. His motifs add terror when there should be none, subvert expectation and add one of the most crucial layers . He’s eschewed the easy route of revivalism in favour of something more forward-thinking and immersive.