New Book From GRM Reviewed

Source: The Quietus.

It is over sixty years since the foundation of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, but its roots stretch back even further, to the wartime experiments of broadcaster Pierre Schaeffer with microphones and shellac discs at the Resistance cell-cum-experimental studio of the Club d’Essai. As he records in the pages of his 1952 book, In Search of a Concrete Music, Schaeffer had set out in search of “the most general musical instrument possible.” In the end, what he found was something more like a new language, a new solfège, a new form of relationship with the sounding environment. Arguably, in his tethering of aural attention to an analysis that would lead directly to the creation of the new, Schaeffer did for the ear what Francis Bacon’s Novum Organon had done for the eye, more than 300 years earlier.