Memphis Concrète Takes Place this Weekend

Source: Memphis Flyer.

One answer in the affirmative is the Memphis Concrète festival going down all weekend at Crosstown Arts. Masterminded by synthesist Robert Traxler and launched in 2017 by a small tribe his fellow electronic devotees, the festival has gone from success to success ever since. One sure sign of this was when I happened upon my neighbor, who exclaimed, “Are you going to Memphis Concrète? Matmos is coming!”

Saturday 6/29:
10:05-11:05 pm: Matmos
8:45-9:45 pm: Rapoon
7:55-8:25 pm: Mykel Boyd
7:10-7:40 pm: Optic Sink
6:25-6:55 pm: Max Eilbacher
5:45-6:15 pm: MPX
3:55-5:45 pm: Tron movie w/ live score by Argiflex + Careful Handling
3:30-3:55 pm: Noiserpuss + Belly Full of Stars
3:00-3:25 pm: Mike Honeycutt + bihl

Sunday 6/30:
9:05-10:05 pm: Moor Mother
8:00-8:45 pm: Pas Musique + Shaun Sandor
7:00-7:45 pm: Tavishi
6:20-6:50 pm: Outside Source
5:40-6:10 pm: Artificer
5:00-5:30 pm: Paul Vinsonhaler
4:20-4:50 pm: Jack Alberson
3:40-4:10 pm: Linda Heck + Pas Moi
3:00-3:30 pm: Ihcilon + Jack the Giant Killer