Itaca Touring Canada this Week


26, June 2019 / 6:45 pm ITACA Toronto Jazz Festival, OLG Stage on Hazleton Ave
27, June 2019 / 8 pm ITACA Ottawa Jazz Festival, NAC Fourth Stage
29, June 2019 / 6 pm ITACA Vancouver Jazz Festival, Roundhouse – Exhibition Hall

François Houle (clarinet)
Nicola Fazzini (alto sax)
Alessandro Fedrigo (bass guitar)
Nick Fraser (drums)

ITACA is a trans-atlantic collaboration between eminent Italian and Canadian musicians in the field of avant-jazz and improvised music. Their music is dynamic, rhythmic and rich with improvisatory possibilities. This project came about after François Houle traveled to Italy to perform at the SILE Jazz Festival in 2016 at the invitation of its artistic director, Alessandro Fedrigo. This first meeting led to François assisting Alessandro and saxophonist Nicola Fazzini to perform in Canada in 2017. The two of them collaborated with drummer Nick Fraser at the Toronto Jazz Festival, and with François Houle at the Vancouver Jazz Festival.