Anthony Braxton Interview

Source: Rolling Stone.

“He was totally creative,” Braxton says of the late Captain Beefheart. “His compositions were outrageously beautiful and original. His ensemble was really special. Some people talk of Captain Beefheart as a far-out rock musician, but when I think of Beethoven, Duke Ellington, [saxophonist] Paul Desmond and Frankie Lymon, I can easily put Captain Beefheart in with my heroes and heroines.”

At the moment, those heroes and heroines, drawn from a broad assortment of genres, are especially present in the mind of the 74-year-old composer and multi-woodwind master, who has spent the past half-century synthesizing the full spectrums of jazz, classical and beyond into a vast and complex multimedia universe that at this point can only really be classified as Braxtonia.

Coming to Detroit

Source: Trinosophes.

Wednesday, June 19: Indigenous Minds
Hamid Drake – drums & percussion
Joshua Abrams – bass & guimbri
Jason Adasciewicz – vibraphone & balaphone

This super-trio is composed of three of the most important creative musicians today: master percussionist Hamid Drake, known from his work with an endless range of luminaries including Don Cherry, Archie Shepp, Herbie Hancock, Pharoah Sanders, Foday Musa Suso, Yusef Lateef etc.; Josh Abrams, who plays the North African string bass instrument guimbri in his group Natural Information Society and is a noted electric and double-bassist with Town and Country, Tortoise, God Speed You! Black Emperor, Nichole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble, Fred Anderson etc.; and vibraphonist Jason Adasciewicz- a veteran of groups with Ken Vandermark, Mike Pride, Rob Mazurek, Bill Dixon, Keefe Jackson etc. As would be expected from this aggregate of players, the group follows the threads that connect contemporary improvised music with the traditional music of ancient cultures.
From the musicians:

“Indigenous Mind may also be called Primordial Mind. It is something we all possess. It belongs to everyone and every culture at its root. There are many representatives throughout history who have entered into the fire of transformation to encounter their own unique expression of Indigenous Mind. Indigenous Mind, even though it is always present, still has to be discovered. We attempt to do that with music, art, etc. Going beyond the illusion of performer and audience and allowing ourselves to enter, touch, feel, sense, and enjoy the oneness of the shared energy of open space.”

Doors at 8 pm
$12 general admission
$20 front row

Monday, June 24: Ben Miller Orchestra
For the second year in a row, we are celebrating minimalist composer Terry Riley’s birthday with a performance by the Ben Miller Orchestra. An intriguing composer in his own rite, Miller has been a member of Destroy All Monsters, Sproton Layer, M3 and was instrumental in the founding of Ann Arbor’s Bulb Records. For this concert, he will be presenting both his own works for large ensemble, which haven’t been performed regionally yet, and a reprise performance of Riley’s best known work, In C.
Early show! Doors at 7 pm; $5

7/5: Rod Williams
7/9: SUPER SHOW! Tal National (Niger), Sessa (Brazil)
7/13 & 7/14: Phil Ranelin’s 80th birthday show!
7/17: Michael Morley (New Zealand– The Dead C etc.)
7/19: Two Rooms showcase- Ryan Jewell Quintet record release show



June 15, 2019
David Virelles Mbókò, Roulette
Rashaan Carter Román Díaz Eric McPherson David Virelles

June 15, 2019
Patricia Nicholson Parker, Val Jeanty, Cooper-Moore, Bill Mazza, Roulette
Cooper-Moore Val Jeanty Bill Mazza Patricia Nicholson Parker

June 15, 2019
James Brandon Lewis Unruly Quintet, Roulette
Warren G. Crudup III Jaimie Branch James Brandon Lewis Anthony Pirog Luke Stewart

June 14, 2019
Matthew Shipp & William Parker, Roulette
William Parker Matthew Shipp

June 14, 2019
Marty Ehrlich Trio Exaltation, Roulette
Marty Ehrlich John Hébert Nasheet Waits

June 14, 2019
Kris Davis Trio ‘January Painters’, Roulette
Kris Davis William Parker Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts

June 14, 2019
Rob Brown Quartet, Roulette
Rob Brown Chris Lightcap Steve Swell Chad Taylor

June 14, 2019
Ava Mendoza, Matt Nelson, Adam Lane, Hamid Drake, Roulette
Hamid Drake Adam Lane Ava Mendoza Matt Nelson

Jon Lundbom Profiled

Source: JazzTimes.

When guitarist Jon Lundbom recalls what has fired his imagination, he frequently talks about music that “blew my mind.” Three specific examples have inspired the writing for his band Big Five Chord. The first is Focus, the 1962 Stan Getz album that put the tenor saxophonist’s improvisations in the midst of Eddie Sauter’s written works for orchestra. The second is Ornette Coleman, whose disregard for chord changes liberated Lundbom. Third is Voodoo, the 2000 neo-soul album by D’Angelo that featured jazz musicians such as Roy Hargrove and toyed with beat placement and polyrhythms. On Lundbom’s ninth album with BFC, Harder on the Outside (Hot Cup), all these influences blend together in satisfying ways; engaging melodies and free-jazz interplay combine, without losing a sense of groove.