New Releases From Cyclic Law

Source: Cyclic Law.

VISIONS “Temples” CD (119th Cycle)
Following 2018’s highly acclaimed collaboration album with Russia’s PHURPA, Frederic Arbour presents a new full length album under his VISIONS moniker. We are now presented with more grounded and melody based pieces that on his previous releases, which were more out worldly and exploring sonic expanse. Using a stripped back approach and forging new sonic territories, “Temples” also serves as an hymn to lost civilisations, and a gratitude for what can still be found and discovered from our predecessors. As societies fall, most of their temples and shrines seem to remain, perhaps, as a reflection of the materiality of spirit.

MOLJEBKA PVLSE “Komoku” CD (118th Cycle)
New album by Sweden’s long-standing project Moljebka Pvlse. The source material and foundation for this album are field-recordings by Mathias Josefson collected on a journey through the deserts of the American Southwest and translated into an acoustic travel journal through a spectral landscape, where the edges of memory and imagination are blurred. Joining Mathias on this album is John Björkman, who performs on instruments acquired on his travels to Nepal and whose performance was recorded at the legendary Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) in Stockholm, Sweden. These recordings were later transformed by Mathias Josefson at the Eleventh Planet studio where Moljebka Pvlse merge their take on experimental drone music with hints of electroacoustic sounds from the sixties.

TREPANERINGSRITUALEN & NORDVARGR “Konung Krönt i Blod / Salve Teragmon” 7” ep (124th Cycle)
After collaborating on each other’s previous albums and also working together as Det Kätterska Förbund the idea of messing with each others music came naturally. On this limited 7” you find Nordvargr giving Trepaneringsritualen´s “Konung Krönt i Blod” a gritty and in-your-face treatment and Trepanerinsgritualen putting together a whole band making his mammoth version of Nordvargr´s “Salve Teragmon”. The result is as devastating as you could predict! Artwork by Dehn Sora & T × R × P.

NORDVARGR “Tantum Melior” CD (125th Cycle)
After the success of 2018’s ”Metempsychosis” album, Nordvargr´s most song based recordings ever, we asked close friends and collaborators to create their own interpretations of songs from the album. The result is an interesting blend of styles and methods that expands the Nordvargr universe even further. With exclusive reworks by MZ. 412, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Vassafor, Visions, Kristoffer Oustad, Spetsnaz, Michael Idehall, Thorofon and The Benjolin Codex, the spirit of “Metempsychosis” mutates splendidly into new and unexpected territories. Artwork by Dehn Sora.