Facebook Live Stream Tonight: Ed Palermo Pays Tribute To Frank Zappa

Source: Facebook.

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The Ed Palermo Big Band Presents “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL” (An’ Maybe Even a Little Ugly on the Side)

A Musical Tribute to Flag Day, Eddy’s Birthday and Truly Great Americans Like FRANK ZAPPA

Ed Palermo is a New York-based arranger and alto saxophonist currently living in West Orange, NJ. The Ed Palermo Big Band has been together since 1980 and has been playing and honing the music of Frank Zappa (among other composers) for over 30 years, mainly in monthly performances at the Iridium nightclub in New York City and bimonthly concerts at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. Ed was recently listed as one of the top 40 “intriguing musicians to watch out for” by the online magazine, The Daily Beast and a recent album, “The Great Un-American Songbook”, was listed as one of the best albums of 2017 in Downbeat Magazine. His current release, “The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren-the Music of Frank Zappa and Todd Rundgren” is garnering rave reviews. Ed Palermo arranged music for one of James Brown’s final concerts at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. With the Ed Palermo Big Band, the key element is unpredictability. The audience never knows what to expect except pure unfiltered insanity and brilliance.