New World Records Releases

Source: New World Records.

Max Giteck Duykers: Folding Music

Max Giteck Duykers (born 1972) stands out for his ongoing dedication to the sound worlds made possible by the Pierrot ensemble. Therefore it is fitting that the first recording devoted exclusively to Duykers’s music should feature two of the four “Pierrot sextets” he has composed this far, that the remaining four works on the disc are playable by P6/P6+ subsets, and that everything here…

Robert Palmer: Piano Music

Robert Palmer (1915 – 2010) produced more than ninety symphonic, choral, chamber and solo works throughout his career, earning a reputation in the mid-twentieth century as one of the country’s leading, most daring, and, at the same time, appealing modernists. Palmer’s unique musical language combined a deeply emotional impulse with complex counterpoint and rhythmic structures

James Tenney: Changes – 64 Studies for 6 Harps

Changes: 64 Studies for 6 Harps (1985) is a large-scale work that combines and connects many of James Tenney’s (1934 – 2006) most important theoretical and musical ideas, including gestalt segregation principles and complex intonation systems. Composed with the aid of a mainframe computer