Weasel Walter Interview

Source: Downbeat.

Weasel Walter—an irreverent composer, improviser, drummer and bandleader—recently rebooted The Flying Luttenbachers, a malleable ensemble that combines a sludgy maelstrom of Ornette Coleman-inspired harmolodics, no-wave skronk, free-jazz mayhem and technical metal precision.

“I’m creating structure wherein these people can really be themselves and be as obnoxious, loud, crazy and virtuosic as they choose to be—and destructive,” Weasel recently said. “That’s really what The Flying Luttenbachers is about at this point: this sort of frat-boy, black-humored, punk-jazz aesthetic.”

But Weasel, 47, is already looking beyond the recently issued Shattered Dimension. A whirlwind of additional players who didn’t take part in the 2018 sessions could be enlisted for another new release set to be recorded this summer; the drummer and bandleader’s calling it his take on 1970s Miles records, “a sort of demented jazz-fusion record.”

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