Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society on tour

Source: Natural Information Society.

Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society on tour

May 25: New Music Circle, Off Broadway, St.Louis, MO, USA
June 07: Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, USA (opening for Sachiko Kanenobu)
June 28: Album Release Event, Constellation, Chicago, IL, USA
July 01: Roulette, Brooklyn, NY, USA
July 04: Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Kongsberg, Norway
July 07: Arkaoda, Berlin, DE, Germany
July 08: Cafe Oto, London, UK (2 day residency day 1)
July 09: Cafe Oto, London, UK (2 day residency day 2)
July 10: Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Alice, Copenhagen, Denmark
July 13: OKLA, Éthel Outdoor Parking Garage, Verdun, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

While it has seemed like a lot of eyes on jazz have been focused on London for a while now, discerning folk have also been keeping a strong gaze on Chicago. Joshua Abrams is one of the key figures reshaping jazz in that city – on call for everyone from artist Theaster Gates to visiting musicians like Evan Parker (who called on him recently when Schillipenbach was denied a visa). Joshua plays not only the bass but the Moroccan equivalent – the gimbri or guimbri. Along with the band Natural Information Society (which includes his partner in life visual artist and musician Lisa Alvarado) Joshua and cohorts have been carving out a unique place for themselves sound wise. Recently this place has become even wider with a new album of hypnotic material that is as much Can or Steve Reich as it is Don Cherry They’ve also got much closer to electronic music in their live sound and through gigs appearing alongside acts like Hieroglyphic Being. This band transcends genres. Now the band is about to embark on their second tour of 2019 with two dates in New York, two nights in London and much more – do yourself a favor and check ’em out.