Carl Testa Launches Sway Subscription

Source: Carl Testa.

Since 2017, my main focus as a composer has been the development of Sway, my interactive live processing environment for any number of musicians. Sway is a computer program that I’m designing using SuperCollider that conducts live audio analysis on each musician and generates an electroacoustic soundscape using the live sounds and analysis data of that musician. Because of this, each performance is entirely unique and unrepeatable. Furthermore, for each performance I change and develop the system to be more robust and generate greater variety of spaces.

This subscription is a yearly subscription to my ongoing “Sway Prototypes” Volume series. 4 volumes are planned for this series over the next year and by subscribing, you’re actively helping me produce the complete series from the get-go. You can subscribe to either get access to the digital versions or both the digital and CD versions. Each volume is packed with live performances from 2017 onwards documenting the development of Sway with both my sextet as well as solo performances and ad-hoc groups in Chicago and Stockholm. The CDs will come packaged in 6-panel eco-packs with exclusive liner notes about the pieces and performances documented on each volume. The graphics for the series have been designed by Yesim Tosuner. As a bonus for subscribing you’ll get a digital copy of my 2013 release IRIS as well as access to special updates and bonus downloads including special electronics-only mixes and unreleased recordings. You will also gain some insight into the development of the music.