Upcoming Releases from Another Timbre 

Source: Another Timbre.

at143 Apartment House play Olivier Messiaen’s ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps’ and Linda Catlin Smith’s ‘Among

at142 Catherine Lamb – ‘Point / Wave’ for solo guitar + electronics played by Cristian Alvear

at141 Federico Pozzer – ‘Breaths’ – Three beautiful compositions by a young composer who uses the breathing patterns of the performers to structure his music.

at140 ‘awirë’. A live set from Cafe OTO in October 2018, when the Tse trio (Cyril Bondi, Christoph Schiller & Pierre-Yves Martel) played for the first time with violinist and Another Timbre favourite Angharad Davies.

at139 James Weeks – ‘windfell’. A hauntingly beautiful, hour-long piece for violin and voice, composed by James Weeks for Another Timbre’s other favourite violinist, Mira Benjamin.