John Zorn’s Rebound From PledgeMusic’s Implosion 

Source: NPR.

John Zorn, the prolific and brilliantly iconoclastic composer, realized a dream of sorts last year when he released The Book Beriah — a boxed set of 11 new albums, featuring as many different groups interpreting music he’d written for that purpose.

The Book Beriah was a Tzadik release too, though its elaborate sprawl and high production costs led Zorn to involve an outside partner: PledgeMusic, a British-based direct-to-fan crowdfunding service designed to help bring musical projects to fruition. “The only way we could have broken even was going on a platform like this,” Zorn tells NPR Music.

Now, after a calamitous turn for PledgeMusic — which announced last week that it’s headed for bankruptcy — Zorn hopes to recoup a substantial loss: $197,559, all of it raised through the platform and still owed to Tzadik.