The Sounds Installations of FIMAV


I meet Érick d’Orion in “his office”, at the chic Cheval Blanc, to talk about his work as curator of sound installations at the International Music Festival of Victoriaville (FIMAV). He who defines himself as an “interdisciplinary sound artist” participated in the very first edition of the course organized by the festival 10 years ago. “In fact, in 2010, I participated in the festival in a trio concert [BOLD, with Alexis Bellavance and Nicolas Bernier] and I was also invited to present an installation.” His work was entitled Solo of musique concrète for 6 pianos without pianist. “After the festival, continues d’Orion, Michel Levasseur contacted me to propose me to take charge of this part of the FIMAV, himself being already busy with the programming of concerts. I gladly accepted it and in the second year there were five installations, then seven, and it continues. “