pfMENTUM New Releases

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Present Quartet: Routes, Paths, Courses (PFMCD131)
A SUPERB and delightfully imaginative work featuring a mix of pfMENTUM veterans and newcomers!
Ellen Burr – flutes: C, alto, bass, piccolo
Anne LeBaron – harp, electronics
Jeff Schwartz – bass
Charles Sharp – Bb and alto clarinets, alto sax, piri, electronics
Recorded at Roy O. Disney Concert Hall, CalArts, December 16, 2018

Michael Vlatkovich: 5 Winds: Five of Us (PFMCD130)
Vlatkovich. What more can we say? Awesome compositions and improvisation!
David Mott – baritone saxophone
Lina Allemano – trumpet
Michael Vlatkovich – trombone
Nicole Rampersaud – trumpet
Peter Lutek – tenor saxophone and frankenpipe
Recorded June 3, 2015 at Array Space, Toronto