AMN Reviews: João Pedro Viegas, Luiz Rocha, Silvia Corda & Adriano Orrù – Unknown Shores [Amirani AMRN058]

The ten tracks of Unknown Shores—an album from the quartet of bass clarinetist João Pedro Viegas, bass clarinetist/clarinetist Luiz Rocha, pianist Silvia Corda and double bassist Adriano Orrù—trace an arc from a fully realized, introverted exchange of lines that would be at home in a piece of Modernist chamber music, through a variety of abstract, acoustic musique concrète, and back to vigorous melodic interplay. It’s improvised music that’s well-thought out and consequently plays like a suite of intimately related parts.

From the opening moments, when Corda introduces a set of atonal motifs which she develops with variations and ornamentations, the music’s basic vocabulary is established. In a gradual, additive process the other players enter, ushered in by Orrù’s arco bass. The combination of instruments makes for intriguing contrasts and coincidences of sound, with the two reeds and bowed bass often fusing to one side and the piano offering creative opposition from the other. The four keep the textures open and polychromatic, breaking at times into changing configurations of twos and threes, and leavening conventional playing with episodes of extended techniques. All get solo space as well, which adds a further level of color affects to an already finely calibrated group sound. Recurring thematic material, much of it derived from atonal pitch sets introduced by the piano and picked up, replicated, refigured and refined by the reeds and bass, gives the music local cohesion and global continuity. If the music seems composed at times it’s largely due to the adept listening and apt responses of these four highly accomplished improvisers.

Daniel Barbiero

Just Outside Reviews

Source: Just Outside.

Yan Jun/Jason Kahn – None of Us (Herbal International)

Burkhard Beins/Mazen Kerbaj/Michael Vorfeld – Sawt Out (Herbal International)

Christian Kobi/Christian Müller – A Second Day (Herbal International)

Eric La Casa/Eamon Sprod – Friche: Transition (Swarming)

Cristián Alvear – Seis Pequeñas Para Guitarra (Zoomin’ Night)

Masayuki Imanishi/Marco Serrato – Caura (tsss tapes)

Magnus Granberg/Skogen – Nun, es wird nicht weit mehr gehn (Another Timbre)

Kyoko Kitamura Update

Source: Kyoko Kitamura.

Currently, I am in the middle of mixing the next release by the Geometry Quartet (collaborative quartet with Joe Morris, Tomeka Reid, Taylor Ho Bynum and myself) which has been a revelation in terms of how much the quartet has morphed from our debut album Geometry of Caves. The music is astounding and probably one of my best works to date. Please stay tuned for release information.

Next month, I start working with the Visionary Youth Orchestra (VYO), coaching them through Anthony Braxton compositions for a performance at the Vision Festival in June. A few days prior to that, I will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge with another superb youth orchestra, Face the Music conducted by Aakash Mittal.

Last month, I was in Tokyo, formed an ad hoc sextet with fantastic Japanese musicians, and gave three workshops on the music of Anthony Braxton. All the musicians were remarkable and I’d like to highlight two exceptional artists: Manami Kakudo and Nonoko Yoshida. Manami is a composer, multi-instrumentalist (piano, marimba, percussion, guitar among others) and an ethereal vocalist. Her first album is available on Bandcamp and her second is on Spotify. She can also be heard as a sideperson on recent works by drummer/composer Shun Ishiwaka.

Saxophonist Nonoko Yoshida is well-known as the leader of her group Cubic Zero as well as for her intrepid solo explorations using loopers.

Before Tokyo, I was at Stockholm’s Edition Festival, performing and conducting Braxton works with other Tri-Centric community folks. The Swedish musicians were amazing, including pianist Lisa Ullén who gave a phenomenal solo during the piece I was conducting, sculpting the air with her touch. Her recent solo recording is on Spotify and it is breathtaking. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with such amazing international artists.

The 12-disc set documenting Anthony Braxton’s complete Syntactical Ghost Trance Music, GTM (Syntax) 2017, which I co-produced, has now sold out on New Braxton House’s Bandcamp page. Downloads will always be available. Select retailers may still have hardcopies. Enough cannot be said of the amazing work by the vocalists of the Tri-Centric Vocal Ensemble: Roland Burks, Tomas Cruz, Lucy Dhegrae, Chris DiMeglio, Kristin Fung, Nick Hallett, the late Michael Douglas Jones, Adam Matlock, Anne Rhodes, Kamala Sankaram, Elizabeth Saunders and me.

The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

The Drones of Michael Zerang

Robin Hayward, Hilary Jeffery, Elena Kakaliagou – Words of Paradise (Edition Telemark, 2019) ****

DKV Trio & Joe McPhee ‎– The Fire Each Time (Not Two, 2019) ****½

Tony Buck & Massimo Pupillo – Time Being + Unseen (Trost, 2018) ***½

The Comet Is Coming – Trust In The LifeForce Of The Deep Mystery (Impulse, 2019) ****

John McCowen – Mundanas I-V (Edition Wandelweiser Records, 2019) ****½

William Parker – Flower in a Stained Glass Window/The Blinking of the Ear (AUM Fidelity, 2018) *****

Cage, Stockhausen, Others Performed Tonight at Southern Utah University

Source: The Independent.

Students from SUU’s music department will perform a concert of avant-garde music April 24 at 7:30 p.m. in the Thorley Recital Hall in Cedar City. Music will be performed from contemporary composers John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Mark Applebaum, and Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen. Three SUU students will premier compositions. Admission is free and open to the public.

“We will explore music thorough silence, graphic notation, noise from a radio, and written word,” said Gary Joe Howe, adjunct professor of music at SUU. “One of John Cage’s most controversial pieces, “4’33”,” will be performed as well as one of his ‘Imaginary Landscapes.’ The graphic score will be displayed, and you are invited to watch as the students interpret these scores. During the concert, we will read Stockhausen’s written word and look to make music out of it.”

New From Tzadik

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Julian Lage and Gyan Riley : The Book Beri’ah Vol 4 — Chesed
The duo of Julian Lage and Gyan Riley is now legendary. Featuring a high level of virtuosity tempered by elegance, love, respect and impeccable taste, their work with Zorn has produced a variety of masterpieces—a magical set of Bagatelles, the sweet midnight music of Midsummer Moons and the rocking new band Insurrection. Here they pour their soulful mastery into ten compositions from The Book Beri’ah and their magical interplay is at its most telepathic as they work every possible variation out of these lyrical and adventurous Zorn compositions. Intimate and imaginative, this is music that will appeal to guitar fans, jazz fans, Jewish music fans and more!
Gyan Riley: Guitar
Julian Lage: Guitar

Trevor Dunn : Nocturnes
Tzadik is proud to present the first CD of classical chamber music by Downtown powerhouse Trevor Dunn. Bassist, composer, bandleader and arranger, Dunn has been a mainstay of dozens of high-profile ensembles for over thirty years. Nocturnes is a moody and brooding program of compositions featuring his first string quartet performed by The Secret Quartet, Six Nocturnes for piano, an early piece from 1989 for bass and string quartet, and a dynamic trio for piano, violin and bass featuring the remarkable Carla Kihlstedt and Vicky Chow. A stunning program of modern chamber music at its best by one of the most consistent and musical figures in the Downtown scene.
Trevor Dunn: Contrabass
Carla Kihlstedt: Violin
Vicky Chow: Piano
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Yves Dharamraj: Cello
Cornelius Dufallo: Violin
The Secret Quartet
Lev Zhurbuin: Viola

Ensemble Dal Niente Presents Undersea in Chicago

Source: Ensemble Dal Niente.

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019 @ 3:30PM
Steppenwolf 1700
1700 N. Halsted, Chicago, IL
Tickets $20 general admission/ $15 student

CHICAGO: On May 5, the Dal Niente Woodwind Trio presents a program that is at once virtuosic, joyful, and strange, featuring the world premiere of Victoria Cheah’s luminous Undersea for piccolo, english horn, and bass clarinet. The trio will explore the full array of sounds available to contemporary woodwind players, from the evocative gestures of Brian Ferneyhough’s In nomine a 3 to the shimmering, shifting textures of Hans Abrahamsen’s Flowersongs to the squeals, sucks, and sibilance of Carola Bauckholt’s Zopf , whose language is “laden with extended techniques that demand intense concentration” (-The New York Times). Also included on the program is Meditation on Collision by Ruby Landau-Pincus, who created this interactive electronic score for Dal Niente while still a high school student, after working with members of the ensemble at the Walden school.

Undersea is presented as part of the LookOut Series – Steppenwolf’s performance series that presents the work of artists and companies across genre and form.

Victoria Cheah, Undersea (world premiere 2019)
Hans Abrahamsen, Flowersongs (1973/2012)
Carola Bauckholt, Zopf (1992/94)
Sandra Lemus Hernandez, II (2011)
Alex Temple, Thick Line (2012)
Joël-François Durand, In the Mirror Land (2003)
Brian Ferneyhough, In nomine a 3 (2001)
Franco Donatoni, Triplum (1995)
Ruby Landau-Pincus, Meditation on Collision (2019)

Featuring: Emma Hospelhorn, Flutes; Andrew Nogal, Oboe and English Horn; Katherine Schoepflin Jimoh, Clarinets