Seattle Scene: April 19-27, 2019

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:


Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center

4th Floor, 4649 Sunnyside Ave. N, Seattle 98103 (corner N 50th St. in Wallingford)

Every month, Nonsequitur and a community of like-minded presenters and artists offer ten concerts of adventurous music in an informal yet respectful all-ages setting: contemporary classical, free improvisation, the outer limits of jazz, electronic music, microtonal/new instruments, sound art, and other extraordinary sonic experiences.

Austin Larkin
Fri. Apr. 19, 8 PM; $5 – $15 donation at door

Violinist/composer Austin Larkin and ensemble perform a composition of harmonics and tuned densities unfolding and persisting in time. Transmute states of variance and continuity are held, extended, measured through the vibration of strings and resonant bodies within a room. In the realization of this piece, a focus is placed on the ordering of tone, the diffusion of spectra, and congruences of silence.

Stephen Fandrich
Sat. Apr. 20, 8 PM; $5 – 15 donation at door

Nonsequitur presents composer/pianist Stephen Fandrich, joined by special guests Gamelan Pacifica and Del Sol String Quartet. Fandrich performs compositions and improvisations at the piano in just intonation, and presents two unusual instrumental combinations with Javanese gamelan: Iron Tears, for String Quartet and Javanese Gamelan, and Ketawang Chroma, for Diphonic Singing and Javanese Gamelan.

Tue. 4/23 – Earshot Jazz presents Swiss/Argentine tenor saxophonist and composer María Grande performing Persphone / HerStory

Sat. 4/27 – Nonsequitur presents cellist/composer Ha-Yang Kim’s TERMINALS, a full-length meditative audiovisual work inspired by the peripatetic quality of contemporary life, with Hahn Rowe (NYC – guitar, violin/viola, electronics), violist Heather Bentley, and video artist Ursula Scherrer (NYC/Berlin)