TROST Records New Releases

Source: TROST Records.

Haunting collab of Massimo Pupillo (ZU) and Tony Buck (NECKS)
LP/CD comes in a different cover-artwork/title and tracklist

MOPCUT – Accelerated Frames of Reference
Lukas König (5K HD / Kompost 3) on synthesizers and drums, Julien Desprez on electric guitar and voice artist Audrey Chen

JOE MCPHEE / JOHN BUTCHER – At The Hill Of James Magee
First duo collaboration of today’s master reedists McPhee and Butcher in the Texan desert.

Jim Jarmusch, Lee Ranaldo, Balazs Pandi, Marc Urselli
Producer Marc Urselli had the idea to bring people together in his studio in downtown NYC who had never met before and let that meeting of minds create beautiful soundscapes. Film director and musician Jim Jarmusch, Sonic Youth co-founder and guitarist Lee Ranaldo shared space with versatile drummer Balázs Pándi for a night session. These are the unfiltered results. Absorbing instrumental patterns of cinematic sounds and improvised rhythms.