Tri-Centric Foundation / Anthony Braxton Update

Source: Tri-Centric Foundation.

Select bootleg albums will be republished as free or pay-what-you-want downloads. For starters, we now have available the two Big Ears Festival boots Trio (Knoxville) 2016 and 10+1tet (Knoxville) 2016, as well as Anthony’s solo album Solo (Kent) 1979.

Anthony’s research papers are now on our website, top right tab. This is a collection of his many eye-opening writings on various topic ranging from architecture style in West Africa to Shakespeare.

Please check them out, and please consider donating to our organization to help us keep going. We accept year-round contributions. No amount is too small. We thank you in advance, and a big thank you to the many people who have already donated. Your support is vital to our work.

Media wrap-up:

  • New Braxton House’s latest box set offering, GTM (Syntax) 2017, has sold out on Bandcamp (retailers still have copies, and we will always have DLs). We received many great reviews, the most recent of which is a superb and detailed three-part analysis available on The Free Jazz Collective site.
  • In February, Anthony Braxton and Tri-Centric were at the Edition Festival in Stockholm for an evening of his works, as described in this Downbeat Magazine article.
  • An excerpt from Anthony Braxton’s solo performance at this year’s Sons d’hiver Festival is now up on YouTube, and a review of the ZIM Sextet is available on Citizen Jazz (in French, with photos everyone can enjoy).
  • In March, Kyoko Kitamura collaborated with Japanese pianist/composer Masayasu Tzboguchi for a two-day workshop in Tokyo on the music of Anthony Braxton. Events were reviewed in JazzTokyo here and here (in Japanese, with photos for everyone to enjoy).
  • The Wire Magazine April 2019 Issue 422 (which, at this point, would be the previous issue) contains a section on music education. Nate Wooley pens an insightful article on Anthony Braxton titled “The System Of A Down” where he examines the down beat in Anthony’s music (the “vibrational down”) to explore the composer’s holistic approach.

Braxton75 events coming up include two youth ensembles performances: our ongoing collaboration with Face the Music and our new involvement with the Visionary Youth Orchestra. Please stay tuned!