Portalegre International Jazz Festival

Source: Portalegre JazzFest. Takes place May 2-4 in Portalegre, Portugal. Rough translations below.

02 OF MAY | GA | 9:30 p.m.
Marc Ribot Solo
The guitarist Marc Ribot has to date with seven solo albums, which denotes well the importance that gives the format. Some of them have become fundamental milestones in the exploration of new vocabularies and techniques for the guitar, such as “Plays the Work of Frantz Casseus”, “Do not Blame Me” and “Silent Movies”

03 OF MAY | GA | 9:30 p.m.
Hedvig Mollestad Trio
Hedvig Mollestad Trio presents itself as an instrumental progressive rock band “out of the box”, and if indeed we find in its music aspects that in the 1970s were shared by formations like Soft Machine and King Crimson

02 AND 03 OF MAY | CC | 23H
Caterina Palazzi
“Sudoku Killer”
Sudoku Killer, the band led by bassist Caterina Palazzi, was born in Rome in 2007. All the musicians of this ensemble come from complementary artistic experiences, from jazz to rock to experimental music

04 OF MAY | GA | 9:30 p.m.
This quartet, with two saxophones, trumpet and piano, is composed of women, which has an obvious meaning when the normality of jazz and improvised music goes to the exclusivity or masculine predominance of the musical formations

04 OF MAY | GA | 23:00 a.m.
Carlos Bica
Daniel Erdmann
DJ Illvibe
A double bass, a saxophone (or two at a time, a tenor and a soprano), and a pair of turntables: the instrumental format of this trio is unusual and the music that plays at all suits them. A song that reflects and crosses, in any way, the particular personalities of the three actors

The Portalegre JazzFest is back, with its 16th edition, maintaining the format of a unique weekend: from Friday to Saturday.
On Thursday, the opening night of the JazzFest takes place with master Marc Ribot, in which Tom Waits collaborator John Zorn and many others will tour his solo career through classic movie soundtracks and songs of political resistance.

On the night of Friday, keeping the tradition of having the presence of great Nordic musicians, acts the Hedvig Mollestad Trio, which describes itself as a “progressive instrumental rock band” out of the box “, mixed with John Coltrane, Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman, certainly a merger that will not leave the hopefuls disappointed.

Finally, on Saturday, we will have two different concerts, first, the fascinating project Hearth, a female quartet, composed by the Slovenian Kaja Draksler, the Argentine Ada Rave, the Danish Mette Rasmussen and the Portuguese Susana Santos Silva, who will enjoy their presence in Portalegre for the recordings of his new album. In second, the great bassist Carlos Bica, in a project with the German saxophonist Daniel Erdmann and DJ Illvibe, that will present live “I Am The Escaped One”, album recently edited by Clean Feed Records.

On the night of Thursday and Friday, in the more traditionally jazzy space of the café-concert, we will have another return, the Sudoku Killer project, by the Italian bass player Caterina Palazzi, presenting his new cd, “Asperger.”

Keeping the “flavorful” tradition of decades, the CAE foyer will receive the Disc and Book Fair, organized by the Clean Feed publishing house, which brings Portalegre the majority of its catalog, one of the most internationally renowned.