All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Axel Dörner/Agustí Fernández/Ramon Prats
Venusik (Multikulti Project)

Stephen Gauci / Sandy Ewen / Adam Lane / Kevin Shea
Live at the Bushwick Series (GauciMusic)

Ran Blake / Claire Ritter
Eclipse Orange (Zoning Recordings)

Club D’Elf
Night Sparkles (Face Pelt Records)

AACM Great Black Music Ensemble
Live at The Currency Exchange, Volume 1 (AACM Chicago Productions)

Izumi Kimura, Barry Guy, Gerry Hemingway
Illuminated Silence (Fundacja Sluchaj)

Robert Burke, Tony Malaby And Mark Helias
Head Under Water (FMR Records)

Michael Attias
échos la nuit (Out Of Your Head Records)

Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade
Stomping Off From Greenwood (Greenleaf Music)