Free Jazz Group Scrappers to Appear in LA

Source: Industry Cafe & Jazz.

The April 18 installment features a rare appearance by Scrappers. Organized by cornetist Dan Clucas, this improvising ensemble includes guitarist Joe Baiza, Thirdsday co-host Jeff Schwartz on bass, and drummer Brian Christopherson. All four are in-demand members of LA’s musical underground. Clucas has performed with Steuart Liebig, Nels and Alex Cline, Vinny Golia, Peter Kuhn, Henry Grimes, and Love, among other notable artists, and has released several acclaimed albums as a leader. Baiza and Christopherson are best known as half of SST Records art punk legends Saccharine Trust. Many SST artists, such as Greg Ginn and Henry Rollins of Black Flag and Mike Watt of The Minutemen, linked the energy and originality of their music to free jazz, and Baiza and Christopherson are among those who have continued to cross-pollinate the musics in various collaborations, including Scrappers.