Top 10 Experimental Music Festivals

Source: Festicket Magazine. I would have come up with a different list, still a bunch of good ones on here though…

Of course, we’re all partial to flailing our arms and screaming our lungs out to anthemic belters during a climactic festival headline slot. But sometimes, the paint-by-number music frequenting the mainstream charts just doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

For those who possess a taste for the innovative, unconventional, and wholly original, there’s a surging network of experimental music festivals emerging around the globe.

With an emphasis on the wider scope of music festivals rather than simply assembling a roster of familiar artists, experimental music festivals offer a platform for sounds to be heard, sights to be seen, and sensations to be felt that aren’t commonplace. Just yet.

Here are our Top 10 experimental music festivals, in no particular order, that succeed in propelling the festival experience to new heights: