Reviews You May Have Missed – March 2019

Last month we published a number of original reviews of some very interesting music. Check out the list below.

5049 Records Podcast Episode 201 – Alex Ward 

Source: 5049 Records.

Born in 1974, Alex Ward is a London based clarinetist and guitarist who got his start in free improvised music when he was eleven years old, playing with Derek Bailey. Over the years he’s worked closely with Steve Noble, Simon H. Fell, Weasel Walter, Pat Thomas and many others. In addition to being a gifted clarinetist, Alex is an accomplished guitarist who has been forging an idiosyncratic language all his own. Most recently he has been touring with This Is Not This Heat, which brought him over the States for a series of shows. Clarinet, guitar, London, improvisation and a whole lot more.

Ipecac Recordings Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

Source: Ipecac Recordings.

IPC-1, that’s the catalog number of the release that started it all: Fantômas’ self-titled release. Greg Werckman, former Alternative Tentacles’ Head Honcho and Mike Patton’s manager, along with Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk) were looking for a label home for two new Patton projects: a “supergroup” featuring Patton, the Melvins’ Buzz Osborne, Slayer’s Dave Lombardo and Mr. Bungle’s Trevor Dunn as well as Maldoror, a release featuring Japanese noise heavyweight Masami Akita (Merzbow) and Patton.

On April 1, 1999, Ipecac Recordings was officially born, headquartered out of Werckman’s San Francisco home office, the company released Fantômas’ self-titled album on April 26, 1999 and Maldoror’s She later that fall. Initially, the plan was to make this a home for Patton’s non-Faith No More/Mr. Bungle releases, but a year’s long friendship with the Melvins quickly changed that. Melvin’s singer/guitar player Buzz Osborne said “We asked if he would be interested in doing a trilogy of releases within one year and they said no problem. 20 years later it still works.” That year the Melvins released The Maggot, The Bootlicker and The Crybaby via Ipecac.

Over the ensuing years, Ipecac Recordings has served up over 200 releases that includes 33 various pieces of the Melvins’ discography, four of heavy music’s most critically-lauded and influential albums of the past two decades via ISIS, Eagle of Death Metal’s debut album (Peace, Love, Death Metal) and 23 albums from At The Drive-In’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Add to that releases from Ennio Morricone, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age/Desert Sessions), members of the Jesus Lizard, Jim Thirlwell, Dean Ween, Napalm Death, Einar Orn, Zach Hill, Sleaford Mods, Mark Lanegan, TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe and, of course, Mike Patton’s expansive and ever growing, body of work including Tomahawk, Mondo Cane, Dead Cross and Faith No More.

As Ipecac enters yet another new decade of its existence, the label eyes the future, having recently released perhaps the finest album of 2018: Daughters’ sure-to-be masterpiece You Won’t Get What You Want, and throwing their support fully behind the blissfully heavy outfit, Spotlights, who release their second-full length with the label, Love & Decay, later this month.