Closing Night Party for Robin Bell’s Washington DC Exhibition, March 31

Closing Night Party for Robin Bell’s “Open” Public · Hosted by Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at the George Washington University 500 17th St NW, Washington, DC.
As Robin Bell’s ground-breaking exhibition of lights and projections comes to a close, join us for a closing night party, just blocks away from the White House, on its last evening. This event is free and open to the public.
Throughout the evening, guerrilla projectionist Robin Bell will mix content live on installations exhibited on the grand staircase in the Flagg Building’s atrium. Dancers and musicians will react to the installations, collaborating with the artist to reflect on the exhibition’s themes: the struggle we’re facing as a country and in the world of how to remain open and transparent. For Bell, the Flagg Building’s location also has enormous resonance: it is directly across from the security gate by which visitors enter the White House. OPEN, the welcoming, familiar letters that glow from a favorite restaurant or all-night corner store, informs the show.
As the exhibition inside closes, the event will inspire participants to create and take with them openness to the outside world. In the words of Robin Bell, “Openness is not a destination at which a society can arrive and rest; it is a constant effort.”
Performances (subject to change) include:
6:15 PM – Swamp Dance – Professor Maida Withers, Erica Rebollar and the Improv Dancers at the George Washington University react to the installation themes and projections as they happen live on the grand staircase of the Corcoran’s Flagg Building. They will also perform at 7:15 PM and 8 PM. See and to learn more about the performers.
6:30 PM – Boat Burning: Music for Massed Guitars – An ensemble of thirty guitars and two drummers will bring out the sound of the community on the grand staircase. Boat Burning has been called a “sonic symphony.” They are an experimental music collective from Washington, D.C., that combines classically-influenced, minimalist compositions with the maximal ferocity and power of punk rock. Featuring a core of five composer/guitarists, Boat Burning explores “maximum minimalism,” an intricate hybrid of composition and improvisation where elemental passages played by a multitude of instruments produce shimmering towers of densely-stacked harmonics. Boat Burning’s approach is to radically embrace simplicity, community and chance, harnessing the power of each to create music of unexpected complexity and emotional resonance. Read more at
7:15 PM – Dance on the Grand Staircase – Improv Dancers at the George Washington University
8 PM – Fanoplane – Ted Zook, a musician based in Arlington, VA, is co-founder of Heterodyne; the Lost Civilizations experimental music project ; Chimiak & Zook; and Rosati and Zook.  He will be performing electronic music as part of Fanoplane, having collaborated previously with Robin Bell on a series of live-action documentary films.
Fanoplane’s seed was planted in a duo performance by Bob Boilen and Ted Zook.  Following that, Bob sat in for a couple of performances with the Lost Civilizations experimental music project , then several performances with Heterodyne.
In addition to Bob Boilen and Ted Zook, Fanoplane’s March 31 debut at the Corcoran will include Jerry Busher (percussion), Doug Kallmeyer (bass; electronics), Maggie Gilmore (vocalizations; flute) and Sonia Maria (violin).  This will be Fanoplane‘s debut; the performance will be unscored, unrehearsed and improvised extemporaneously on the spot — and it will be the first time that all of these musicians have performed together,
8:30 PM – Closing Dance – Improv Dancers at the George Washington University