Sucata Tapes Releases

Source: Sucata Tapes.

Banha da Cobra – Mãe D’Água
Stream of research and electroacoustic sound intervention, Banha da Cobra starts from the sonic imaginary of handcrafted, ritualistic and traditional activities and landscapes. The compositions are made as sound ruins, based on an ecology between the sustainability of the sound nature of the found – structures, places, objects, etc. – and their appropriation and transformation. The collecting inherent in this project of archaeological character is complemented with processes of alchemical manipulation like musical creation in real time.

Eosin – For Beniko
Closing our unoficial New Weird Portugal tape batch on Sucata Tapes is Eosin aka Diana Combo with a mixtape of crackling and droney vinyl mixed with Field recordings recorded outdoors on a later summer afternoon in Alentejo.

Papillon – Cercueil Flottant
New from Sucata Tapes (Discrepant), comes a mini album by Gonçalo F Cardoso’s most experimental and retro avant-garde moniker, Papillon.

Alförjs – QorusQoros
Outernational free jazz madness from Lisbon trio Alförjs. It could as well be an ethnographic soundtrack from another planet as the trio of Mestre André (saxophone, electronics), Bernardo Álvares (contrabass) and Raphael Soares (drums) delve deep into the outer realms of what jazz/electronics music can sound like.

Hour of the Wolf
New from Sucata Tapes (Discrepant), comes a new project by Berlin-based artists Pedro Silva (turntable percussion) and Stefan Brunner (guitar and field recordings).