Wendy Eisenberg Interviewed and Profiled

Source: New Haven Independent.

If you like the guitar, complicated music, or poetry, Wendy Eisenberg wants you to come to her Friday gig at Firehouse 12 on Crown Street.

The prodigious musician, who works as a composer, improviser, and songwriter in a variety of projects, is certainly attuned to the range of the instrument’s possibilities. Its Shape Is Your Touch, her solo album from last year, is a sonic encyclopedia of the acoustic guitar, but phrased with the easy flow of a novel. The transparent, unaffected recording documents all the ways in which sound lives and dies emerging from the guitar. Intentionally muted notes and swarms of sound emerge amidst clarion melodic lines, and ring just as powerfully.

Contrast that with Eisenberg’s trio album The Machinic Unconscious, released on the Tzadik label last year, which shows a wider range of stylistic references from jazz, punk, and metal, and a deep awareness of the instrument’s role in those traditions. But her music is distinctly her own, no matter the context, and it is a nice thread across her work that at no point does she pander to the audience in order to be recognized as a part of that tradition.