New Music Dublin 2019 Reviewed

Source: I Care If You Listen.

The new music scene is, thus, very active and interconnected, and came together to celebrate this at New Music Dublin 2019 (Feb. 28-March 3). In some ways, it was the same as other new music festivals; however, as director John Harris noted in his welcoming remarks, “there is something exciting happening in Irish New Music,” and this festival celebrated that in full. There’s a critical mass of work by composers from Ireland making waves beyond the confines of the island—Jennifer Walshe and Ann Cleare are building huge international careers (Cleare was recently named recipient of the Ernst von Siemens prize), Donnacha Dennehy and the Dublin-based Crash Ensemble have become common names within the American scene, as have young composers including Amanda Feery, Finola Merivale, and Emma O’Halloran (who were instrumental in the beginnings of the #HearAllComposers campaign of 2017). But the fact remains that this is just the tip of the iceberg: contemporary music of all strokes is alive and well in Ireland, and New Music Dublin made every effort to proudly share this work.