Audrey Chen and Phil Minton at the Hill of James Magee, May 4

Source: Nameless Sound.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Phil Minton (London) voice
Audrey Chen (US/Berlin) – voice
The Feral Choir – TBA

The Cornudas Mountain Foundation and Nameless Sound present the fourth in their series of rare site-specific events at The Hill of James Magee, a monumental work of art located in a vast expanse of West Texas’ Chihuahuan dessert.

Performing at The Hill will be two of the foremost practitioners of this art form. Minton is one of the key pioneers of vocal improvisation. Beginning his career as a jazz trumpet player, his reputation as a vocalist emerged during London’s groundbreaking and influential free improvisation scene of the 1960’s. Classically trained on cello and voice, Audrey Chen began her improvisational practice among Baltimore’s vibrant Red Room/High Zero scene of the early aughts. Her global appearances and collaborations have established her as one of the important experimental voices of the current generation.

In addition to the duo of Minton and Chen, there will be a performance by a locally sourced Feral Choir under Minton’s direction. Phil Minton’s Feral Choirs are improvisational ensembles that often consist of people who have never before performed as vocalists. It works on a principle that “anyone who can breathe, is capable of producing sounds that give a positive aesthetic contribution to the human condition and many of these contributions are without any cultural influences or references.”