March 9, 2019
Charmaine Lee Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Charmaine Lee

March 9, 2019
Charmaine Lee, Andrea Pensado, Id M Theft Able, ISSUE Project Room
Skot Spear ‘Id M Theft Able’ Charmaine Lee Andrea Pensado

March 6, 2019
Marcia Bassett & Sandy Gordon, Muchmore’s
Marcia Bassett Sandy Gordon

March 7, 2019
Irene Aranda Solo, Eric’s House Of Improv
Irene Aranda

March 6, 2019
Michelle Yom, Marc Hannaford, Ted Gordon, Paul Feitzinger, Erica Dicker, Muchmore’s
Erica Dicker Paul Feitzinger Ted Gordon Marc Hannaford Michelle Yom

March 6, 2019
Ben Bennett, Jack Wright, Zach Darrup, Muchmore’s
Ben Bennett Zach Darrup Jack Wright

February 24, 2019
FRANKLIN, Scholes Street Studio
Joseph Franklin Marc Hannaford Satoshi Takeishi

February 24, 2019
Simon Jermyn, Jonathan Goldberger, Mat Maneri, Gerald Cleaver, Scholes Street Studio
Gerald Cleaver Jonathan Goldberger Simon Jermyn Mat Maneri

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