Wadada Leo Smith CREATE Festival in April

Source: Wadada Leo Smith.

CREATE Festival 2019
Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT

Saturday April 6th, 7 pm

Lamar Smith’s Band:
Lamar Smith – guitar
Melvin Gibbs – electric bass
Pheeroan akLaff – drums
Hardedge – electronics
Blue Meditations

Mona Tian – violin
The First Light Gold/The Second Light Blue from Rosa Parks: Pure Love

Wadada Leo Smith’s NDA:
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Bobby Naughton – vibraphone
Dwight Andrews – bass clarinet, flute
John Lindberg – bass
Tastalun with soundtrack Divine Love
Spirituals: The Language of Love

Wadada Leo Smith’s Najwa and Harriet Tubman:
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Brandon Ross – guitar
Lamar Smith – guitar
Melvin Gibbs – electric bass
Bill Laswell – electric bass
JT Lewis – drums
Spiritual Horizons
Lake Tanganyika Nur-Water

Sunday, April 7th

Exhibit of Ankhrasmation Symbolic Language Art-Scores

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Creative Dialogue with Nina Sun Eidsheim and Wadada Leo Smith on the Ankhrasmation Symbolic Language Art-Scores
Lunch, Coffee and Tea with Wadada Leo Smith and Artists

Concert, 7:00pm:

Ashley Walters – cello
Oguri – butoh dance
Sweet Bay Magnolia with Berry Clusters

Min Xiao-Fen – pipa
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Oguri – butoh dance
Lake Biwa a Full Moon Pure Water Gold

Wadada Leo Smith’s Golden Quintet:
Wadada Leo Smith – trumpet
Erika Dohi – piano
Ashley Walters – cello
John Lindberg – bass
Pheeroan akLaff – drums

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