Upcoming Sound It Out Concerts

Source: Sound It Out!

Thursday March 7, 7:30pm — Simon Jermyn’s Sooner & Trot-a-Mouse

Double-bill — Sooner: Simon Jermyn, electric guitar & electronics; Charlotte Greve, alto saxophone, electronics & voice; plus Joseph Branciforte, live processing & synth; Trot-a-Mouse: Simon Jermyn, bass guitar; Charlotte Greve, alto saxophone; Anna Webber, tenor saxophone; Mark Ferber, drums

This double-bill presents electric bassist/guitarist Simon Jermyn’s debut as a leader in the Sound It Out series. The first half of the evening at Greenwich House features the Dublin native on guitar in his Sooner duo with Charlotte Greve on alto saxophone, electronics and voice, plus special guest Joe Branciforte on live processing and synth. The second set will find Simon leading his quartet Trot-a-Mouse, featuring him on bass guitar, Charlotte again on alto sax, Anna Webber on tenor sax and Mark Ferber on drums. Pointing out that Simon’s recordings with Trot-a-Mouse have placed him “at the vanguard of American improvised music,” the Irish Times has said: “To call Simon Jermyn a guitarist, or a bassist (his hybrid six-stringed instrument resembles both), barely hints at the range and subtlety of his musicianship. In a wider sense, Jermyn is a musical instigator, and his real instrument is his band.”

Saturday April 6, 7:30pm — Michaël Attias Solo & Quartet

Double-bill — Michaël Attias solo: alto saxophone/piano; Michaël Attias Quartet: Michaël Attias, alto saxophone; Kris Davis, piano; Sean Conly, double-bass; Satoshi Takeishi, drums

This double-bill presents the return to Sound It Out of a series favorite: alto saxophonist Michaël Attias, who will be celebrating the release of his first solo album, échos la nuit. Some of Michaël’s initial solo performances — on alto and piano, virtually simultaneously — were at Greenwich House as part of Sound It Out. In addition to his opening solo set, Michaël will be leading a version of his ace Quartet with Kris Davis (piano), Sean Conly (double-bass) & Satoshi Takeishi (drums). The New York Times has described Michaël as “an emphatically cosmopolitan saxophonist and composer.” On alto, Attias offers a tone of piquant lyricism, while his compositions are serpentine and darkly alluring, with melodies fit to charm snakes; the rhythms offer surprise at every turn, the textures as sensual as night. The Village Voice described Michaël’s music-making this way: “perpetually shifting tunes, richness of timbre and a singular personality – you can almost see his music expanding and contracting.”

Saturday April 20, 8:00pm — Andy Milne’s Unison & Friends
Andy Milne, piano; John Hébert, double-bill; Clarence Penn, drums; plus guests: Yoko Tamaki, koto; Hank Roberts, cello; Ralph Alessi, trumpet

Pianist Andy Milne — whom The Guardian aptly describes as “a superb pianist of Herbie Hancock-like fluency” — makes his long-awaited return to the Sound It Out series with his trio Unison, featuring bassist John Hébert and drummer Clarence Penn. The show will also include colorful guest spots by koto player Yoko Tamaki, cellist Hank Roberts and trumpeter Ralph Alessi. A former student of Oscar Peterson who went on to work with artists from Steve Coleman to Cassandra Wilson, Andy leads both acoustic and electric bands as well as regularly collaborates with dancers, visual artists, poets and filmmakers. All About Jazz has praised Andy’s “sophisticated… sterling musicianship,” with the pianist saying that his piano-trio philosophy resides at “the intersection between texture and groove.”