New Releases from Gold Bolus Recordings

Source: Gold Bolus.

Pat O’Reilly – Three Sheets to the Wind

Pat O’Reilly is a musician, composer, and dabbler. After missing a beat on a simple cowbell part during a performance at Carnegie Hall, he decided to take an extended hiatus from music. Years of on again off again quiet work lead to this digital EP.

After cutting his teeth playing everything – punk, dub, rockabilly, Balinese gamelan, chamber music, orchestral music, improvising with robots, you name it – his music is a fluid mix of composition and improvisation. Three Sheets to the Wind was performed with rigorous attention by an ensemble of supporting musicians including David Whitwell – trombone (Eco-Music Big Band), Joe Fee – bass (Newband / Harry Partch Ensemble), Adam Forman – vibraphone (Iktus Percussion), Chad Walther – tuba (Ensemble Moto Perpetuo), and Max Alper (Sonic Arts for All) – electronics.

petra – filament

filament marks the first solo release by petra, the “homegrown voice-electronics” project of Kristina Warren (Providence, Rhode Island). Composed, recorded, and produced over nearly three years starting in 2016, filament is a line, an idea, something continuous, something made, a journey. Voice speaks via electricity. petrabuilt the machine and sewed herself into it.

filament is in part a distillation of Warren’s years of voice and electronics performance, both solo and with collaborators including Ailís Ni Ríain, Amy Brandon, Kimberly Sutton, Rachel Devorah, and Theresa Wong. Across the 2010s and especially during her PhD work at the University of Virginia, Warren got sick of conventional notions of vocal beauty and listenability, which are gendered and limiting. Now on the eve of a new decade, filament aims to make space for new voices, for listening and empowerment. petra’s scream dissolves into voltage, an old ritual that won’t stop.