A New Wave of Jazz Festival Takes Place October in Belgium

Source: De Singer.

October 18, 2019

Jürg Frey & Elisabeth Frey-Bächli
Benedict Taylor & Anton Mobin
Dante Boon

October 19, 2019

Daniel Thompson & Colin Webster
Asmus Tietchens
Antoine Beuger
Martina Verhoeven & Kris Vanderstraeten

A NEW WAVE OF JAZZ acts as a library in both design and choice of music and succeeds in bridging the gap between free improvisation, coming from the free jazz scope, and the minimal contemporary acoustic music. Not only do they both value the freedom, the respect and the creative capacity of every musician to the larger whole, but they are also genres that can develop constantly, especially in a live environment, and that new cross-pollinations are created. This live ‘research’ is a very important element in the structure of the label. The two-day festival is an anthology of what already exists and is expected on the label as well as a symposium for the performers and composers to get to know each other and for the adventurous listener to delve into the varied offer of each evening.