Creative Music Studio Improvisers Orchestra at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, March 9

Source: Creative Music Studio.

The Creative Music Improvisers Orchestra, conducted by Karl Berger, opens it’s 2019 season with spontaneous compositions based on musical themes and words by Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman and Ingrid Sertso.

Saturday March 9th at 4pm • Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
58 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Karl Berger • conductor, piano
Ingrid Sertso • vocals, poetry
Warren Smith • drums
Jason Hwang • violin
Tomas Ulrich • cello
Peter Apfelbaum • tenor sax
Nicolas Letman • bass
John Ehlis, Stuart Leigh • guitar
Hollis Headrick • percussion
Sana Nagano • violin
Haruna Fukazawa, Bill Horberg • flutes
Gene Coleman • alto flute
Nick Gianni • bass flute
Blaise Siwula • clarinet
Michael Lytle • bass clarinet
Avram Fefer • clarinet, bass clarinet
Jason Candler • soprano sax
Welf Dorr, Patrick Brennan • alto sax
Ras Moshe • tenor sax
Bill Ylitalo • baritone sax
Thomas Heberer • trumpet
Westbrook Johnson • trombone