The Stone in March

Source: The Stone.

3/1 Friday (HTM)
8:30 pm
Jim Black BunkySwirl
Ikue Mori (laptop) Jim Black (drums, electronics) and special guest

3/2 Saturday (VP)
8:30 pm
Nels Cline (guitar) Jim Black (drums, laptop) Tim Berne (sax)

3/5 Tuesday (FM)
8:30 pm
Nels Cline, Val Jeanty and Ches Smith
Nels Cline (guitar) Val Jeanty (electronics) Shahzad Ismaily (bass) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)

3/6 Wednesday (DT)
8:30 pm
Mary Halvorson, Liberty Ellman, Nick Dunston and Ches Smith
Mary Halvorson, Liberty Ellman (guitars) Nick Dunston (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

3/7 Thursday (ICS)
8:30 pm
James Brandon Lewis, Nels Cline, Nick Dunston and Ches Smith
James Brandon Lewis (sax) Nels Cline (guitar) Nick Dunston (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

3/8 Friday (RK)
8:30 pm
Kris Davis, Marc Ribot, Leon Boykins, Devin Hoff, Ches Smith
Kris Davis (piano), Marc Ribot (guitar), Leon Boykins, Devin Hoff (bass), Ches Smith (drums)

3/9 Saturday (HTM)
8:30 pm
Laugh Ash
Jennifer Choi (violin) Davy Lazar (trumpet) Anna Webber (flutes) Oscar Noriega (clarinets) Michael Nicolas (cello) Ches Smith (drums, vibraphone, electronics)

3/12 Tuesday (RK)
8:30 pm
Lily Maase (guitar, electronics) Jeff Tobias (saxophone, synth) Nick Millevoi (electric bass) Tyshawn Sorey (drums)

3/13 Wednesday (RB)
8:30 pm
Marianne Gythfeldt and Adrian Morejon
Marianne Gythfeldt (clarinet) Adrian Morejon (bassoon)
Works by Edward Jacobs, Mikel Kuehn, Eun Young Lee, Georges Aperghis, Filippo Santoro, Marc Mellits

3/14 Thursday (NB)
8:30 pm
Hannah Levinson
Hannah Levinson (viola)
Works by Marcello Messina, Lucia Ronchetti, Marco Momi, Franco Donatoni

3/15 Friday (SK)
6:30 pm
Bryan Hayslett (cello) Marilyn Nonken, Tristan McKay (piano) Jessica Tsang (percussion) Michiko Theurer, Paul Hauer (violins) Hannah Levinson (viola)
Repertoire: Mother Popcorn Revisited, Amore Scaduto, How Was Your Weekend, Winter/Fall, Dream of Innocent III, and Amnesia Redux

8:30 pm
Chris Gross Solo
Chris Gross (cello)
Works by Alvin Lucier, Giacinto Scelsi, Salvatore Sciarrino, Mario Diaz de Leon, Eva-Maria Houben

3/16 Saturday
8:30 pm
Greg Chudzik, Tristan Kasten-Kraus, Evan Runyon, Pat Swoboda
Greg Chudzik (double bass) Tristan Kasten-Kraus (double bass) Evan Runyon (double bass) Pat Swoboda (double bass)
Works by Greg Chudzik

3/26 Tuesday
8:30 pm
Apfelbaum, Rojas, Baptista Trio
Peter Apfelbaum (woodwinds, organ, piano, percussion) Marcus Rojas (tuba, percussion) Cyro Baptista (percussion, vocals)

3/27 Wednesday (RB)
8:30 pm
Peter Apfelbaum, Bill Laswell, Brandon Seabrook, Aaron Johnston
Peter Apfelbaum (sax, organ, piano) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Bill Laswell (bass, electronics) Aaron Johnston (drums, electronics)

3/28 Thursday
8:30 pm
Peter Apfelbaum & Dafnis Prieto Duo
Peter Apfelbaum (saxes, piano) Dafnis Prieto (drums)

3/29 Friday (FM)
8:30 pm
Peter Apfelbaum & Sparkler
Peter Apfelbaum (keyboards, sax, vocals) Natalie Cressman (trombone, bass, vocals) Jill Ryan (sax, flute, vocals) Will Bernard (guitar) Kyle Sanna (synth, electronics) Charlie Ferguson (drums, sampler)

3/30 Saturday (HM)
8:30 pm
Peter Apfelbaum & the New York Hieroglyphics
Peter Apfelbaum (sax, piano, percussion) and the Hieroglyphics