Jamie Saft Interviewed About New Release

Source: Downbeat.

When keyboardist Jamie Saft talks about his bond with drummer Bobby Previte and bassist Steve Swallow, the word “incredible” comes up a lot. You definitely can hear that sparkling rapport on the trio’s latest disc, You Don’t Know The Life (RareNoise), on which the three explore a provocative batch of songs that include cherry-picked covers, such as Bill Evans’ “Re: Person I Knew” and John Blackburn and Karl Suessdorf’s “Moonlight In Vermont,” alongside captivating originals, such as “Water From Beneath” and “The Break Of The Flat Land.” With hints of 1960s psychedelia underscored by modern jazz wit, the new album bewitches, then transports listeners to a harmonically rich, melodically savvy realm of superb—and often subtle—improvisational possibilities.