All About Jazz Reviews

Source: All About Jazz.

Anna Webber
Clockwise (Pi Recordings)

Catherine Lamb And Johnny Chang
Viola Torros (Another Timbre)

Franz Koglmann / Bill Dixon
Opium For Franz (Black Monk)

Josh Sinton’s Predicate Trio
Making Bones, Taking Draughts, Bearing Unstable Millstones Pridefully, Idiotically, Prosaically (Iluso Records)

Aviva Endean
cinder: ember: ashes (SOFA)

David Torn/Tim Berne/Ches Smith
Sun Of Goldfinger (ECM Records)

Sun Ra
God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be (Cosmic Myth)

Assif Tsahar / William Parker / Hamid Drake
In Between the Tumbling a Stillness (Hopscotch Records)

Kris Davis/Matt Mitchell/Aruán Ortiz/Matthew Shipp
New American Songbooks, Volume 2 (Pleasure Of Text Records)

Chris Pitsiokos, Susana Santos Silva, Torbjörn Zetterberg
Child Of Illusion (Clean Feed Records)