Nate Wooley Interview

Source: PopMatters.

Trumpeter/composer Nate Wooley takes a “Romantic” approach to his latest album, Columbia Icefield. An encounter with the title structure, a massive icefield in the Rocky Mountains, provokes an experience of the sublime, of awe in something natural we’re unable to appreciate fully. The idea of the Columbia Icefield takes on the resonance here, perhaps more than the thing itself, in Wooley’s search for expressing something large and intensely other. His work on these three pieces works to map a psychic landscape inspired by a natural one, and he achieves that goal with something icier than simple cool. The three musicians who join him make sense. Electric guitarist Mary Halvorson, pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn, and drummer Ryan Sawyer don’t show any more interest in using their instruments in normal ways than Wooley does.