Anthony Braxton’s Tricentric Project Ensemble Recent Stockholm Performance Now Streaming

Source: Sveriges Radio.

This evening we will be going to the jazz club Underground at Kulturmejeriet in Lund and later also to the fourth edition of the improvisation festival Edition festival in Stockholm, to hear music by and inspired by Anthony Braxton.

Comp No. 151 conducted by Ingrid Laubrock
Language Music led by Erica Dicker, Carl Testa
Comp No. 136 conducted by Erica Dicker
Comp No. 56 conducted by Kyoko Kitamura
Comp No. 255 conducted by many!

Tri-Centric Project Ensemble:
Kyoko Kitamura – voice (NY)
Sofia Jernberg – voice (Stockholm)
Lisa Ullén – piano (Stockholm)
Erica Dicker – violin (NY)
Tomeka Reid – cello (NY)
Finn Loxbo – guitar (Stockholm)
Elsa Bergman – contrabass (Stockholm)
Carl Testa – contrabass & electronics (New Haven)
Ville Bromander – contrabass (Stockholm)
Susana Santos Silva – trumpet (Stockholm)
Ingrid Laubrock – tenor saxophone (NY)
Isak Hedtjärn – clarinet (Stockholm)
Johan Arrias – saxophone & clarinet (Stockholm)
Dan Peck – tuba (NY)
Erik Carlsson – drums & percussion (Stockholm)
Mattias Stahl – vibraphone (Stockholm)