Myra Melford Upcoming Tour Dates

Source: Myra Melford.

Feb 22 and 23: Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom at the Green Mill in Chicago– Celebrating the release of her beautiful new record: Glitter Wolf (please check it out!)

Mar 2: Trio with Scott Colley and Allison Miller at the Atrium of the Public Library in Concord, MA

Mar 12: I’ll be performing two pieces by David Schiff for chamber ensemble and improvising soloists at Reed College, Portland, OR, along with my esteemed colleague, Marty Ehrlich

Mar 21–31: Allison’s Boom Tic Boom will be on tour in Europe

April 6: Quartet with Ben Goldberg, Michael Formanek and Hamir Atwal will be at Maybeck Studio in Berkeley before we head into the recording studio to make our first album

April 12: Solo concert in the Target Atrium of Minnesota Orchestra Hall