Lampo Winter / Spring Schedule Announced

Source: Lampo. Chicago’s source of experimental music and media has just put out a soft-announcement of its upcoming season. Great stuff.

Florian Hecker – Sat March 9, Poetry Fdn

Hecker plays Inspection II, an immersive, 7-channel sound work using computer-generated sound and synthetic voice.

Pita – Sat March 16, Graham Fdn

Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) performs with a new modular set-up — the concert is his first solo date in the U.S. in more than a decade.

James Hoff – Sat Apr 27, Graham Fdn

Hoff presents a site-specific version of his most recent audiovisual project HOBO UFO, which uses a custom hack of Google Maps’ Street View to make the platform sound reactive.

Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr – Sat May 11, Green Line Arts Center

U.K. artist Jon Davies (Kepla) & New York based-DeForrest Brown Jr. perform Substantia Nigra, in the duo’s first U.S. appearance.

Anthony Pateras – Sat June 8, Graham Fdn

Anthony Pateras offers a new quad, psychoacoustic piece for synthesizers.