Col Legno Releases

Source: Col Legno.

Christian Winther Christensen: Almost in G

An unmistakable language, a singular tone of voice, an own voice – all this is rarely to be experienced as in Christian Winther Christensen’s music. It flashes some of the times of earlier times, but lingers radically in the 21st century. Yes, classical instruments are playing. And yes – it’s about new music. But the old building blocks are reassembled in a way that you can hear the resulting music. And gladly, often in succession and in all circumstances … and with SCENATET we can welcome one of the most innovative European ensembles at col legno !

Annette Bik: Double Bach

On her first solo album, Annette Bik (Violinist of the Klangforum Wien) launches a fascinating experiment: In addition to all of Bach’s famous “Partita in B Minor,” she asked four first-rate contemporary composers to write a double, a Double Double Bach. A stroke of genius in the mirror of the present time, a fascinating audio document in which the utmost virtuosity and direct effect form a rare link.

Martin Ptak: River Tales

Film music and improvisation, childhood memory and farewell, surface and depth effect, trombone choir, string surface and piano pattern. […] Martin Ptak, trombonist, pianist and composer presents his new longplayer River Tales: a long-lasting soundtrack from the source to the mouth – and for the track in between