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Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania

An all-female band, a gathering of ten of Scandinavia’s most inventive and respected female musicians.

Lotte Anker – sax (DK)
Josefine Cronholm – vocal and percussion (SE/DK)
Sissel Vera Pettersen – sax and vocal (NO)
Hildegunn Øiseth – trumpet and goat horn (NO)
Lis Wessberg – trombone (DK)
Makiko Hirabayashi – keyboards (Japan/DK)
Ellen Andrea Wang – bass (NO)
Anna Lund – drums (SE)
Lisbeth Diers – percussion (DK)
Marilyn Mazur – composer/leader, percussion, balaphone, kalimba (DK)

In 1978, Danish percussion master Marilyn Mazur founded the bold, innovative Primi Band, an all-female music-theater ensemble that drew from a deep well of primal energy and experimental audacity. Four decades later, Mazur reinvents the core concepts in an adventurous new fashion with Shamania, a gathering of ten of Scandinavia’s most inventive and respected female musicians.

Whereas Primi Band culled its members from risk-taking but non-professional musicians, Shamania comprises ten highly respected (but equally daring) artists from the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian avant-jazz scenes. Their stunning debut album is a vivid combination of primeval forces and virtuosic musicianship, fiercely original imaginings and deeply organic emotions, communal energies and singular voices.

Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake – CHI

A transcendent collaboration deeply possessed of fresh inspiration and deep roots, ancient traditions and modern invention.

Dave Liebman – soprano and tenor saxophones, piano (“Formless Form”), wooden recorder
Adam Rudolph – hand drumset (kongos, djembe, tarija) piano (“Becoming”), sintir, multi-phonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing
Hamid Drake – drumset, vocal, frame drum, percussion

Chi brings together these three master musicians for a breathtaking excursion into spontaneous composition, an extended, adventurous set of free improvisation that maintains a through line of resilient architecture and unexpected twists and turns. Nowhere revealing the tenuous moments that might be expected in an initial collaboration, the music is vivid and powerful from beginning to end, evoking timeless traditions while surging forward with ferocious abandon.