AMN Reviews: Giuseppe Pascucci & Vito Pesce – Nikola Was Right! & Humasaurs [Plus Timbre PT083 & PT084]

Guiseppe Pascucci and Vito Pesce, both of whom play guitar and electronics, are collaborators on these two simultaneously released and complementary albums, both of which were recorded live September 2016-February 2017. Pascucci and Pesce’s individual bios on the label’s site are vague almost to the vanishing point—which in a way is consistent with their music: on both albums they craft a collective sound in which each individual voice blends into an encompassing and satisfying whole.

On Nikola Was Right!—the Nikola in question being Tesla—the group sound is rich: resonant, full-ranged and sensuous. The album’s concise, intelligent soundscapes feature surging and cresting tones, complex harmonies wrapped in washes of sound folding back on itself, and crystalline, echoing chords and single-line runs splayed against electronic chaff and the occasional synthetic choir. Humasaurs, by contrast, is a spikier affair. Where Nikola Was Right! tends to efface the guitarishness of the guitars’ sound, Humasaurs pulls it into the foreground and revels in it. Pascucci and Pesce make each part of the instrument audible with aggressively staccato attacks, insistent rhythms, pointillistic textures and sharper-edged timbres. It’s a different proposition from what we hear on Nikola Was Right! and the perfect counterpart to that album. A fine matched pair.

Daniel Barbiero


The Free Jazz Collective Reviews

Source: The Free Jazz Collective.

Joe McPhee & Hamid Drake – Keep Going (Corbett vs. Dempsey, 2018) ****

Zack Clarke – Mesophase (Clean Feed, 2018) ***½

Roman Nose –s/t ( Singing Knives, 2018) ***½

David S. Ware Trio – The Balance (Vision Festival XV +) (AUM Fidelity, 2018) ****½

Two or Three Views of Laura Cole

Joëlle Léandre & Marc Ducret – Chez Hélène (Ayler, 2018) ****½

Larry Ochs & Gerald Cleaver – The Cave (RogueArt, 2018) ****½

RareNoiseRecords Upcoming Releases

Source: RareNoiseRecords.

Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania

An all-female band, a gathering of ten of Scandinavia’s most inventive and respected female musicians.

Lotte Anker – sax (DK)
Josefine Cronholm – vocal and percussion (SE/DK)
Sissel Vera Pettersen – sax and vocal (NO)
Hildegunn Øiseth – trumpet and goat horn (NO)
Lis Wessberg – trombone (DK)
Makiko Hirabayashi – keyboards (Japan/DK)
Ellen Andrea Wang – bass (NO)
Anna Lund – drums (SE)
Lisbeth Diers – percussion (DK)
Marilyn Mazur – composer/leader, percussion, balaphone, kalimba (DK)

In 1978, Danish percussion master Marilyn Mazur founded the bold, innovative Primi Band, an all-female music-theater ensemble that drew from a deep well of primal energy and experimental audacity. Four decades later, Mazur reinvents the core concepts in an adventurous new fashion with Shamania, a gathering of ten of Scandinavia’s most inventive and respected female musicians.

Whereas Primi Band culled its members from risk-taking but non-professional musicians, Shamania comprises ten highly respected (but equally daring) artists from the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian avant-jazz scenes. Their stunning debut album is a vivid combination of primeval forces and virtuosic musicianship, fiercely original imaginings and deeply organic emotions, communal energies and singular voices.

Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake – CHI

A transcendent collaboration deeply possessed of fresh inspiration and deep roots, ancient traditions and modern invention.

Dave Liebman – soprano and tenor saxophones, piano (“Formless Form”), wooden recorder
Adam Rudolph – hand drumset (kongos, djembe, tarija) piano (“Becoming”), sintir, multi-phonic vocal, percussion, electronic processing
Hamid Drake – drumset, vocal, frame drum, percussion

Chi brings together these three master musicians for a breathtaking excursion into spontaneous composition, an extended, adventurous set of free improvisation that maintains a through line of resilient architecture and unexpected twists and turns. Nowhere revealing the tenuous moments that might be expected in an initial collaboration, the music is vivid and powerful from beginning to end, evoking timeless traditions while surging forward with ferocious abandon.

Unexplained Sounds Group Releases African Music Anthology

Source: Unexplained Sounds Group.

African music is as diverse as the topography of the land itself, and is said to be comprised of literally thousands of different styles of music. But many experts of regional music tend to separate African music into two distinct groups: North African Music, which is strongly Arabic and Islamic in nature, and Black African music, or that which is centralized in the Western, Central and Sub Saharan regions of Africa.

So many iconic Western musicians have incorporated African instrumentation, ideas and ideals into their music. And ultimately there is an almost infinite variety of music forms, most of which, on some level, have been produced as a result of African music, or influenced by it. Whether Western instruments have evolved from ancient African models, or whether we have adopted our knowledge in terms of rhythms and cross rhythms, various scalic patterns, and the basic evolution of melody and harmony, Western music undoubtedly owes an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the African peoples for their wisdom, insight and creativity.

During recent decades we’ve witnessed more and more of the inverse phenomenon, with African musicians absorbing styles and trends developed in Western countries, so that at last the circle has closed. Finally, then, we can embark on our “unexplained sounds” journey into Mother Africa.

FRKTL, Abdellah M. Hassak, Ahmed Saleh, Victor Gama, Eryck Abecassis, Healer Oran, mehdi halib, In_o, Nur, 1§ÅdØrÅ dµ§+m1+(∑) jµnk, AMET.

Kyle Motl Southwest Tour Dates

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Feb 16 7pm Eager Ears at Eagle St, San Diego, CA – Duo with Phillip Greenlief (+Greenlief solo)

Feb 17 8pm The Lost Leaf, Phoenix, AZ – BA.ND_01 & Kyle Motl

Feb 18 7pm CFA Downtown Gallery, Albuquerque, NM – Solo & duo with Mark Weaver

Feb 20 7pm Rio Bravo Fine Art, Truth or Consequences, NM – Tatsuya Nakatani / Kyle Motl / Rhonda Taylor