Midira Records New Releases

Source: Midira.

Aidan Baker + N “Doppellive”
A double album featuring two collaborative performances by two ambient guitar masterminds.

Scatterwound (Dirk Serries + N) “MN”
First ever live performance by this outstanding drone duo, recorded in a church.

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems “Awel”
Live collaboration featuring Aidan on guitar and Karen on drums. Perfect balance between ambient, jazz and experimental sounds.

Thisquietarmy + Dirk Serries + Tom Malmendier “Hell”
A trio live improvisation (guitars and drums) with an epic 41minutes result full of experimental ambient, drone and jazz sounds.

The Star Pillow “Music For Sad Headbangers”
The last studio album, before The Star Pillow goes into hiatus. A very emotional journey through drone, ambient and post-rock.