Marty Ehrlich Interview

Source: Downbeat.

Multi-woodwindist-composer Marty Ehrlich recorded his 26th leader date, Trio Exaltation (Clean Feed), last year in Lisbon with bassist John Hébert and drummer Nasheet Waits, a working unit for several years. Throughout the 10-piece recital, comprising nine Ehrlich originals and a stirring interpretation of Andrew Hill’s “Dusk,” the members apply their virtuosic skills toward triological flow with a melodic orientation, sustaining equipoise between compositional and improvisational imperatives. Not least among the recording’s pleasures is its intense sonic presence—Waits’ sound-painting on each component of his drumkit is captured in full clarity, as is Hébert’s uncanny ability to thrust and parry in any environment. It’s sure to be on this writer’s top-ten list for 2018.